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TRANS USA IS A 501(C)(3)

The Trans USA National Pageantry System is eager to discuss potential partnerships as we prepare for our next national competition.

As a registered 501(c)(3), we do not operate our system for profit, and all money earned each year goes directly to supporting the community projects and advocacy efforts of our national titleholders. For this reason, we hope to discuss options for full or partial event sponsorship that will allow us to devote more of our operational costs to promoting these advocacy initiatives. We believe that this is especially important given the increased backlash and violence against the transgender community in recent years, especially in rural areas and against transgender women of color.  

Such sponsorships allow us to make the national contest more accessible to contestants with limited resources and to provide more opportunities for our reigning titleholders, as we believe that finances should not be a barrier for those wishing to serve their communities in this official capacity.

While there are several pre-determined sponsorship tiers available, we are eager to develop individualized packages that provide mutual benefits for all involved. If you’d like to discuss the details of the event itself, what potential sponsorship may look like, the benefits to be gained by both parties, and the arrangement that would be most appropriate for you or your organization, please reach out today!

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Donate or sponsor a contestant today!

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