The Mr and Miss Trans USA Pageant is NOT a “drag” pageant, but a competition to highlight transgender persons that include non-op, pre-op, post-op, and non-binary individuals.

1. All Miss Trans USA contestants must have been assigned male at birth (AMAB).

2. All Mr Trans USA contestants must have been assigned female at birth (AFAB). 
3. Must be at least 21 years of age by the national pageant registration date.
4. Interview will be limited to 10 minutes. State Costume will be limited to 3 minutes. If the time limit for said category is exceeded then you may be deducted administrative points.

5. Due to dressing area limitations there is to be only 1 assistant backstage. If there is more than the 1 person they will be ask to leave the dressing room. If the person does not leave when asked or is found backstage again administrative points will be deducted from the final score of that contestant. Contestants have to pay for dresser passes at a presale ticket price of $15 which includes a seat designated in the back of the venue. The helper passes will be available for purchase during registration. Standing in the audience will not be allowed. Everyone has a paid seat in the audience covered.

6. The use or dispensing of any illegal substance will not be tolerated while any contestant is participating in the pageant. Immediate disqualification and ejection from the venue will occur for anyone breaking this rule. Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages by the contestant or contestant helpers, will also result in disqualification if more than one verbal or

written warning is given by a Trans USA board member.
7. Any Contestant not in the appointed place at the appointed time (i.e. Interview, Contestant Check-In, etc.) will have a 1 point per judge deduction for every 10-minute increment.
8. Any Contestant or helper who is caught in the act of stealing or tampering with another person's property will be ejected from the premises and will be immediately disqualified.
9.. All music must be on high quality CD AND USB, clearly labeled, with the contestant's name and track #'s. It is strongly suggested that additional copies of the CD be immediately available in the event that the original becomes unusable.
10. Trans USA does not discriminate against competitors with silicone or those who participate in hormone therapy.
11. No exposed breasts, areolas, buttocks, pasties, genitalia or tape will be allowed. No exceptions.
12.The winners of the Mr. & Miss Trans USA Pageant must sign a legal contract agreeing to fulfill their duties as the reigning Mr. or Miss Trans USA for one year or relinquish the title, pay back all monies paid by the pageant owner and return the crown. Also, the winner must agree to appear and relinquish the title and crown at the end of the reign if the reign is completed.

13. All Trans USA contestants must either be a legal US citizen or have a valid work visa that has an expiration date which expires after the 2021 national pageant.
14. Trans USA reserves the right to make any decisions concerning any
matter not covered by these rules and regulations.