Mr. trans USA category descriptions

Registration: Interview will be held on May 27th.

Attire: The White crew-neck shirt & blue jeans for registration.

Interview: Interview will be held on May 28th.

The time limit for this category is 10 minutes. You will be judged on your overall appearance as well as the quality/ delivery of your response content. The judges will ask every contestant the same question. The judges will not be able to give any follow up questions, so your answer will be the final word on the subject. At the opening of your interview you will basked to verbally give them a brief bio about yourself, this is not included in the 10-minute time limit. At the conclusion of your interview you will be given the opportunity to supply the judges with a brief question or statement which will also not be included in the allotted 10 minutes.

Also, if you choose to give an exit statement or question to the judges that given time will also not be included in your 10 minutes.

Your 10 minutes for interview will begin once the first question is asked and end once you have finished answering the last judge’s question.

In summary, you will have 10 minutes, 5 judges and 5 questions.

Attire: you may wear anything else that you feel comfortable in for interview.

This is not a fashion category and most of your reign will not be occurring in the night clubs, so we would like to see how you would present yourself in a charitable 

and humbled setting as Mr. Trans USA.

State Costume:

The time limit for this category is 3 minutes. The time will start from the moment your music starts and will end when you hand the microphone over to the emcee.
At the conclusion of your model you must state your name, the state you are representing, what your costume is and why you chose that garment in reference to the state that you are representing. The verbal portion of this category is also an important aspect of this category so get fun with your words and even get into character if appropriate. 

The costume of your choice must be worn on your body. A costume that you are “in” but not physically attached to will not be considered part of your costume. It must be obvious that you are physically wearing it. The state costume must be in relation to the state that you are representing.

Ultimately you are judged on what is ON YOUR BODY.

You as the contestant will be judged on fit, model, construction of the costume, quality, originality and on the ability to effectively communicate in the verbal presentation.


Swimsuit: (MALE)

There is no time limit for this category but you must be courteous. Music will be provided. No custom audio will be accepted. 
The swimsuit style must be a boxer-brief in style. No swim attire that reaches the knees or speedos will be accepted as appropriate for the category. As for footwear you must model barefoot. You may wear something on your feet to the stage but be mindful that some footwear my leave marks on your feet. Exposed tape on your body is not considered acceptable for this category. You may style your hair any way that you desire.

If you desire to wear a top you must wear a skin-tight crewneck styled black top with a 3⁄4 sleeve that cuts off just below the breast bone. The fabric has to be a stretch athletic/swim material. It must be plain black with no embellishments, logos or designs of any kind. This will leave the abdomen below the breast bone exposed as well as your forearm and hands. The purpose for this is so that you may cover tape, post op scars etc. You will not be deducted points for choosing to wear this top. You must have the top made and have it approved before you compete. If you fail to have it approved before the competition you run the risk of having points deducted that could have easily been avoided.

You will be judged on fit, quality, model and your overall look. You will not be judged on your size or shape.

After every contestant has modeled their swimsuits all of the contestants will be brought back on stage for comparative model. At this time the judges will rank your swimsuits.

Evening Attire:

Evening Attire means that a tuxedo isn't required, but the event is still formal enough for one to be appropriate. You should wear a tuxedo or formal cocktail inspired suit with a skinny tie or bowtie. 

No embellishments of any kind are appropriate.

After everyone has modeled the contestants will be called back out for comparative model. All contestants will be ranked at this time.


There is no time limit for this category but be careful with how you use your time. This category pertains to the top 5 contestants only. No 2-part questions will be asked. Each contestant in the top five will pick a judge’s name out of a glass bowl. The questions will be written and asked by the judges personally. All questions asked in this category by the judges will have been already previously screened and approved by the board and head judge.

You will be judged on the content and delivery of your answer.

Score Breakdown:

*Scoring is done so in a 'ranked-score' fashion.

Interview -  60 Points

(1st 60, 2nd 58, 3rd 56...)

Presentation - NOT SCORED

State Costume -  40 Points

(1st 40, 2nd 38, 3rd 36...)

Swimsuit - 40 Points

(1st 40, 2nd 38, 3rd 36...)

Evening Attire - 60 Points

(1st 60, 2nd 58, 3rd 56...)

Q&A -  20 Points

(1st 20, 2nd 18, 3rd 16...)

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